Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 1/2

Noelle is growing up! Today she looked particularly grown up with her hair pulled up. It's hard to believe the baby in the first picture is the same girl in the second. Alas she is, which makes me happy and a bit sad all at the same time. How I love you my growing girl.

Posted by PicasaA few days old

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Monday, August 23, 2010


We are back from our trip to Nebraska and while the trip is still fresh on my mind I want to write down some of my favorite moments. It was a great trip except for Noelle and I coming down with a stomach bug and of course a toddler who didn't sleep so great in a new place.


-Noelle standing up straight and tall, extending her hand high into the air, waving, and saying, "bye-bye big trucks!" As the semi's rolled in and out of a truck stop in Wyoming.

-Hearing Noelle's first words every morning, "Nana? Papa?"

-Noelle loves to sit in laps if you are sitting on the floor she will back herself right up into your lap. Well, her sweet 10 month-old cousin Louisa was sitting on the floor so Noelle continually tried to sit in her lap much to Louisa's dismay.

-Watching Noelle dance with Nana and her cousin Will, she would dance a little and then run up and give him a big hug, he would freeze and then look up at me and say with a hint of satisfaction, "she likes me."

-Noelle LOVED her Nana and Papa's backyard. She would spend hours a day out there pulling toys from one end of the yard to another and organizing rocks. I loved it too, I'm thinking we need a backyard, soon!

-Getting to spend some alone time with Mark at Indigo Bridge, a wonderful coffee shop/bookstore in Lincoln.

-Enjoying the fresh foods of Nebraska: tomatoes, melons, and corn.

-Basking in the wonderful hospitality of my in-laws, I'm so thankful for them and all the special ways they love us.

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Noelle at the Children's Museum in Lincoln

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Playing in the water at the Children's Museum

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Hanging out with Dada in a fire truck

Petting a baby goat at the county fair
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Busy in the backyard

Huging her cousin William during their dance party
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Dance party!
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At the zoo with Papa
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Reading with Nana before bed
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


It has been so much fun watching Noelle play. It is delightful to see how she interprets the world through her play. She always seems so purposeful in her play like she was meant to do exactly the things she is doing. I sometimes don't know what part of her world she is interpreting through her play but I love to watch. She is like a little scientist experimenting with the world around her. She has fun discovering how her body works, I love to watch the smile creep across her face as she stomps her little feet and watches the effect or to watch her laugh as she works at jumping. Simple pleasures for me and major yet delightful achievements for her. Here are some pictures from the last couple of months of her working hard at playing!

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One of her favorites the laundry hamper

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Loving on her animals

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"rock-a, rock-a, rock-a" as Noey would say

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Wearing Mama's purse and hat

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Trying on Dada's shoes, this girl is obsessed with shoes

Thursday, March 04, 2010

One Year

Noelle turned one on February 22. We had a fun celebration with friends and family. Although I know she enjoyed herself, I think the celebration was as much for us as it was for her. We made it through the first year with all its beauty and all its challenges. We are amazed by this little life and can't wait to see what the future years bring.

To mark the occasion we had her pictures taken and I'm so pleased with the way they turned out. Our friend Larisa did a great job of capturing our little Noey. I love her big beautiful eyes and her smile that brings such happiness to so many people. I couldn't resist posting most of the pictures, enjoy!

Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Months of Noelle

Spring Cleaning

It has been ages since I've written here - in the midst of moving, unpacking, settling in it just hasn't been a priority. But, now I think it may be a good space for some creative outlet.

Noelle endured all of our transitioning very well. She is such a sweet baby full of smiles for everyone and anything. It warms my heart to watch her take such sweet unadulterated pleasure in the simplest of things. Her eyes will catch something new and that warm sweet smile will creep across her face as she indulges in the newness. Watching her I find myself taking the same sweet pleasure in her. She is a gift. That said - there are certainly times when I find myself tired, easily frustrated, and without patience. I've been praying for something I can read that would give me a greater sense of purpose in my call and vocation as a mother. Little did I know there was some purpose sitting right on my living room book shelf. I picked up our copy of Walter Wangerin's Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? and there I found a treasure trove. Here is a bit from the first story - Spring Cleaning:

"One particular gift of hers (my mother) to us was cleanliness. The experience of cleanliness, of becoming clean. We took it for granted; but it was a way of life, maternal virtue and holy consolation. My mother kept cleaning, kept reclaiming territory by the act of cleaning it, kept redeeming her children therein . . .

Understand: the blessing embraced more than the house. The whole world seemed ordered and good in that day. My mother's feats of cleanliness persuaded me of universal kindness . . .

We children inhabit twice the worlds our mothers make for us: first when that world is no wider than a house, a yard, a neighborhood, and then again when that world is the wide world - because her smaller world teaches us how to see and interpret the real world when we shall travel to it . . .

My mother assured me annually (through spring cleaning) that newness has a right and a reality, that error can be forgiven, that the sinner can be reclaimed. In springtime she surrounded me with the immediate, primal light of God. Now, therefore, I trust renewal. Resurrection. Easter!"

These words were just what I needed - the encouragement that even the seemingly simplest of tasks bring order, peace, and consistency to Noelle's present world which will indeed inform how she sees and interacts with the larger world. So, when I'm tired and frustrated - I'll do my best to remember that the work and the life I create for Noelle now does have lasting implications and I can choose to create chaos or beauty for her. My hopes are for beauty with the realization that there is much grace for me and Noelle when I choose the opposite.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I should be packing or cleaning but instead I'm updating the blog. I'm in a bit of denial that we are actually leaving this place we've called home for most of our married life. If I think to much about saying goodbye to anyone here in St. Louis I get very sad. Thus, only two boxes have been packed and our apartment is quite messy. I guess I think that if I don't do anything nothing will change and we'll go on with life as normal. Alas, I don't think this tactic will work. Mark is finished as of a half hour ago with his Seminary career - it has been a long road but God has provided every step of the way so we rejoice even though our hearts are heavy with leaving this chapter of our story. But, as a common saying goes around Covenant, this is not the end of the story! Our hope rests in a day where there will be not more goodbyes and we'll dwell with those we love in the great garden city!

Here are some recent pictures of Noelle - she is eleven weeks old now!

Mother's Day

Rocking with Daddy before bed

Sunday, May 03, 2009

10 Weeks Old

Noelle is 10 weeks old today. Time has flown by. I am done with my three weeks of work and now I'll be able to be with Noelle all the time. This week we will begin packing for our move back to Utah. We are really going to miss St. Louis, I'm sad just thinking about it and all the wonderful friends we will miss here. However, when I think of Utah I am happy knowing the wonderful community that waits for us there. Life is full of transitions - thankfully they've all been good for us this far.

Enjoy some recent pictures of Noelle:

Noelle smiling at her ceiling fan.

Below is a video of Noelle smiling at her best friend the ceiling fan - sorry about the angle.